Our Investment Strategy

Your Personalized Investment Strategy

Our investment approach is based on the Nobel-prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory, created by Harry M. Markowitz:

  • 85% – 90% of a portfolio’s return is determined by asset class allocation.
  • Risk is reduced by investing in numerous asset classes, each with different performance cycles.
  • Rate of return can be optimized to fit the client’s risk tolerance and time frame.

We construct individual portfolios based on specific goals and objectives agreed upon with our clients:

  • Updated as your needs and situation change.
  • Structured to minimize your yearly capital gains tax.
  • Designed to take advantage of the power of compounded returns.

Performance of a $10,000 Investment Compounded Annually at 8%

Our Investment Strategy

This example does not illustrate the actual result of any particular investment or portfolio. It is based on an initial $10,000 investment compounded at 8% annually for 30 years. Of course, actual investment results may vary, and investment does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.