A Life-Centered Approach to Financial Planning

Enhancing Financial Planning Through a Life-Centered Approach: Insights from Laura Ryan, CFP at Morris Financial Concepts

Certified Financial Planner, Laura Ryan, recently sat down with our podcast host to discuss exciting updates to the financial planning process at Morris Financial Concepts. In this illuminating conversation, Laura shares how the firm’s financial advisors are enhancing the long-standing life-centered approach to deliver clients more meaningful, purposeful guidance.

Key Takeaways:

  • A life-centered approach goes beyond just numbers, considering a client’s full life portfolio including family, community, health, career, and leisure pursuits.
  • Diving deep into a client’s background, values and priorities helps connect financial recommendations to what truly provides fulfillment and motivation.
  • Visualization techniques help clients define tangible goals that inspire action and commitment to the financial planning process.
  • Aligning financial resources with a client’s most important goals, based on their values, is key to helping them live their best life.

Laura explains how this qualitative approach provides an essential complement to traditional financial planning:

“So many of us have some goals or maybe targets that we’re aiming for, because maybe that idea or that seed was planted by what we see other people doing, or maybe we’ve been told by family members and friends. So when you take this approach where you’re really diving into a client’s qualitative plan, learning about what really speaks to them, you’re essentially connecting the heart and mind together with their financial planning.”

By fostering greater awareness of a client’s money mindset and uncovering what provides a true sense of purpose, the financial advisors at Morris Financial Concepts can better tailor recommendations and spur follow-through. The aim is a strategic financial plan that serves as a bridge between a client’s cherished goals and values and the financial resources to achieve them.

“One of our other jobs as your financial advisor is to help you best align your resources to you living your best life. And also we find that the financial planning with this life centered approach is important for us to make sure that we’re helping you and your resources are living your best life, because we have to know what’s most important to you.”

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