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At Morris Financial Concepts, we believe in a coordinated strategy to wealth management. As a Charleston based financial planning firm, we utilize a comprehensive set of services to target your personal and financial goals for a better path towards financial freedom. We take a holistic approach to strategizing for your financial success in the present and future.

Morris Financial provides the following set of foundational services:

Wealth Management

At Morris Financial, we plan to set you up for financial success by taking you through our comprehensive five-step process over the course of an entire year. We understand that each client has individual needs and combining comprehensive financial planning with specialized financial and investment services tailored to each client. Find out more about our holistic financial planning strategies.

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Retirement Planning

Taking a comprehensive look towards your financial independence so you are prepared with a plan for retirement. Professionals at Morris Financial Concepts want you to transition into retirement with financial ease and success. Let us help you plan for you future with retirement planning

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Legacy Planning

Let the experts at Morris Financial help you to work towards an effective legacy planning and estate management to help you develop an effective plan for your future legacy. Professionals at Morris Financial are here to answer your questions concerning healthcare, life insurance, as well as wealth and asset management. Find out more about how you can start planning your legacy today.

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Education Funding

Giving the gift of education to your loved ones or following your own educational dreams is a wonderful goal we want to help you achieve. Being good stewards of wealth can incorporate planning for future generations and helping create a better society. We believe providing other generations with the gift of knowledge is one of the greatest legacies we offer. Find out how you can better plan for your future generation's higher education.

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Charitable Giving

We value philanthropy and community involvement and are passionate about our client’s causes. We also believe providing other generations with the gift of knowledge is one of the greatest legacies we offer. Financial advisors at Morris Financial love helping others support a great cause and there's nothing better than financially planning for charitable giving. Find out more about how Morris Financial advisor's can help you with give back with charitable giving.

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Tax Planning

Working with Morris Financial provides you with the added benefit of working with tax professionals. Through investment selection, asset placement and tax-advantaged management strategies, we are able to provide you with guidance to reduce taxes on your portfolio. Professionals offer estimated tax assistance and planning by executing personalized tax formulas to assist you in your specific tax needs. Clients can also benefit from services of our sister company, Morris Tax Planning in annual tax preparation.

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Learn how to get started on your journey to financial freedom.