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Financial freedom allows for more than just peace of mind. Making smart investments allows you to book more family vacations, wine and dine more friends and family, embrace your hobbies and extracurriculars, or even travel the world. Read along as the advisors at Morris Financial Concepts share how a financially free life enables them to truly live.

Family, Community
& Faith

Life becomes much richer when you are surrounded by family and engaged with your community. Having a financial plan that allows you to take your mind off of your finances means that you have more time to forge meaningful connections with loved ones and to be an active member of your community.

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A little indulgence is acceptable now and again, especially when you know the positive status of your financial wellbeing. Meet up with friends to savor a glass of aromatic wine or pour yourself a glass of your favorite whiskey. Enjoy what life has to offer and rest easy knowing that your financial plan allows you to take part in these activities without worry.

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Everyone likes to treat themselves to a nice meal once in a while, it’s all about finding that balance between having financial security and enjoying moments in the present. Financial freedom gives self-proclaimed food connoisseurs and casual foodies the ability to try out the latest restaurants and even take a cooking class or two.

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If you have a desire to see the world, you are not alone. Whether you want to trek around Southeast Asia, hop from city to city in Europe, or simply visit some family members an hour’s plane ride away, dedicated financial planning can make this a reality for you and for those you want to take with you.

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Whether your passion is for football tailgates and weekend soccer games or yoga classes and martial arts, a solid financial plan gives you the blueprint on how to effectively partake in your favorite hobbies. Learn more about the activities we like to partake in, as well as ways that we incorporate financial savvy techniques when doing so by exploring our activities and passions.

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Pets & Wildlife

There is no doubt that your beloved Fido adds meaning and value to your life, but any pet owner can attest to the fact that these companion animals come with a set of expenses, not all of which are anticipated. At Morris Financial Concepts, we aim to keep all of our family members healthy and happy – including the four-legged ones – by having a financial plan in place.

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