Tax Document Checklist

Do you have everything you need for this tax season? Don’t fret! Our Charleston financial advisors created this handy tax document checklist to help you get everything in order for tax season.

Tax Data Checklist

__ All W-2 Forms from your employer(s)

__All Forms 1099oInterest, dividends, stock sales

  • Social security and retirement income
  • Property sales
  • Non-employee compensation
  • Rental income, etc.

__ If you sold any stock or mutual funds during 2019 other than those managed by MFC, we will need to know the purchase date(s) and your basis. Please include this with your other tax data. It can be expensive to have your tax preparer obtain this information for you.

__ State refunds received during 2019 (or applied to your 2019 estimated tax)

__ Form 1098 (mortgage interest paid on your home)

__ Property Tax Receipts:oHome, vehicles, boats, etc.

__ List of Charitable Contributions *See ‘Charitable Contributions Affirmation’

  • Cash and check donations
  • Details of any non-cash donations (such as clothing, furniture, stock, etc.)

__ Federal and State estimated tax payments (dates and payment amounts). Do not forget that a January 2019 payment is applied to the year 2018.

__ Any other tax-related documents such as:

  • Alimony income
  • K-1’s
  • Sole proprietor income and expense records *See ‘Business Expenses Affirmation’
  • Rental income and expense recordsoIRA contributions
  • Investment interest paid
  • Professional fees paid (such as investment management and tax preparation)
  • Childcare expenses (provider name, address, EIN#), etc.o529 Plan contributions

__ Any Medical Expense Records. Note: These expenses are only deductible if they exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income, but every little bit helps!

  • Medical, Dental, and Long Term Care insurance (if paid with after tax dollars)
  • Dr. bills, hospital and clinic bills, vision care bills
  • Medications, testing supplies, etc.

__ Banking Information for eFile direct deposit/payment

  • If different from prior year
  • Please Provide
    • Name of institution:_________________
    • Routing Number:___________________
    • Account Number:___________________

__Also, please describe anything unusual that may affect your 2019 tax return.

__ Current year-to-date income statement and balance sheet or sufficient information for us to generate these easily

__ Aged receivables and payables for the same time period

__ List of asset purchases for the year, dates, amounts and description, purchase agreements

__ Loan balances for the same time period and copies of new loan agreements

__ Copies of quarterly payroll reports, forms 941, uce101, sc1606, w-2’s, w-3 & 1099’s


Our team of Charleston and Mt Pleasant financial advisors are available to help with any questions you may have about your finances and taxes. For more information on the tax document checklist and planning for tax season, contact Morris Financial Concepts.