Training for the Reindeer Run: A Fee-Only Financial Planner’s Journey

By Kyra Hollowell Morris,  Fee-Only Financial Planner and Founder

Being physically active is restorative to your mind and body, especially during the coronavirus crisis. Having more time to focus on self-improvement and family are some of the few positives of this time. See how founder Kyra Morris is learning to stay positive, form a daily routine, and set goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic this year has left many families feeling restless from an extended quarantine, and mine is no exception. Feeling the overwhelming urge to get out of the house and active, my son, Tucker, my 5-year-old granddaughter, Georgie, and I decided to start training for the Reindeer Run, a 5K race that happens each year in December to raise money for charitable giving in Charleston. As soon as our favorite track opened up, the one behind the Mount Pleasant, SC police station, we began our training.

A 5K is a distance of three miles, and with about six months left until December, the odds of accomplishing our goals seem optimistic. I even received the honor of being named the official trainer of Motley Crew, our determined team of three. To start off our training, we began running the straights of the track each day, finishing with four laps walking around the track’s curves. After a week, we started running one whole lap around the track and walking a half lap four times around. We knew we were ready for a training boost, but it didn’t make it easy! At this point in our training, we weren’t focused on speed, but rather endurance and distance training.

After two weeks of this routine, we decided to crank up our training to the next level. We decided to hit the streets of Mount Pleasant with timed running. Our new routine consisted of six repetitions of running for two minutes and walking two minutes. The track had helped prepare us for a mile of the 2-minute run, 2-minute walk routine, and the 24-minute timed street running brought us to 1.5 miles. We were thrilled with the progress being made! 



The Motley Crew continues to run every other day. On our off days, we try to incorporate other types of exercise like biking or swimming, to strengthen other muscles. Our plan is to increase the running interval while decreasing the walking interval until we complete the full three miles. Next, we work on running the whole three miles with no walking.

Even though I am the official trainer of our crew, Tucker can already outrun me for these distances, and Georgie is lighting quick in short sprints. I am definitely humbled and delighted at the same time to see the progress that both Tucker and Georgie have made. Their progress gives me the motivation to improve my own skills, too! 

I tell you our story because together, we have been able to turn our quarantine doldrums into working towards achieving a goal. Although this unprecedented year can be scary, lonely, and overwhelming at times, we are coming together nationwide to do our part and flatten the curve. Though it may take patience, dedication, and discipline, just like training for the Reindeer Run, I encourage you to be pro-active in remaining positive and grateful.

These things may not come naturally, but you can make the choice to see, to hear, and to share. Continue to find ways to enjoy the things that make you smile each and every day, despite the “new normal” that we face, just as we have chosen to do. After using this time to cherish our loved ones even more, we are going to be able to give those reindeer this Christmas something to cheer about! 

Just as I set out a plan to meet my fitness and wellness goals, I take extra care to do the same with my finances. Here at Morris Financial Concepts, our fee-only financial planners are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal and financial goals. Contact one of our experts to get started on the path to financial empowerment today. 

About the Author

Kyra Hollowell Morris Financial AdvisorKyra Hollowell Morris is a Charleston, Fee-Only Financial Planner, and Founder of Morris Financial Concepts. Kyra values people, seeking to create an empowered, abundant life for her customers using her ability to match a person’s desires with their overall resources. Ms. Morris enjoys her own empowered, abundant life with her husband, Rob; her 3 sons: Tucker, Bobby, and Gable; and 2 grandchildren. She is a fourth-degree blackbelt in Karate and participates in sprint triathlons and half marathons. Kyra also enjoys exploring and experiencing the world through food and travel.