MFC Refreshes Its Look – 2018 Brand Update

We are excited to unveil Morris Financial Concepts’ updated brand identity. After careful consideration, we have developed a company logo we believe represents our greater than 30-year heritage and family-like relationships. We also believe this logo combines our dedicated focus to provide exceptional service, steadfast advocacy, and academically proven financial strategies to guide and empower our clients towards reaching their personal goals.

Morris Financial Concepts company logoYou will notice two iterations of our logo. One for headers (above) and the other (left) for more compact spaces.
Our logo incorporates some important images: a pineapple, a wrought iron motif, and our established date. Each hand-picked to represent our values, heritage, and future.

The pineapple is a symbol commonly connected with hospitality, especially in the south. Before 20th-century steamships, the pineapple was considered a rare and exotic fruit symbolizing wealth and luxury. The pineapple also represented travel and adventure as it was not a native fruit to North America. The fruit became a symbol of welcome and hospitality when sailors’ wives would place a pineapple outside their homes to indicate their safe return, welcoming visitors. Found in Charleston art, architecture, furniture, jewelry, and other crafts, the pineapple is still a symbol of long-lasting welcome and southern hospitality in the Lowcountry today.

It is for these reasons – service, hospitality, inclusion, as well as travel and adventure – we chose the pineapple symbol. Not only does our team strive to create a welcoming environment and provide concierge-level service, we also share with our team, as well as with many clients, a passion for adventure and travel. Our mission is to help you succeed in your adventures, whatever they may be.

The wrought iron design, a symbol of strength and fortitude, is a nod to Charleston’s famous and beautiful wrought ironwork around the city. The ornate gates, window treatments, and other adornments are made of the tough yet malleable iron alloy. Beautiful and strong, it offers long-lasting security and protection.

The established date calls upon our heritage and the journey of the firm from past to present. We embody a culture strongly rooted in academics and integrity, as well as one that welcomes collaboration and innovation.

Over the next few months as we roll out our company logo, we will also debut other new tools to help us better serve you. As the best financial advisors in Charleston, we are excited about our future and look forward to continuing to provide you with high-quality service and unyielding advocacy for years to come.


Your Team at Morris Financial Concepts