Meet The Team: Alisson Grove, Financial Business Assistant

Alisson Grove, Financial Business Assistant
Alisson Grove, Financial Business Assistant

Of quartz she rocks! Meet Alisson Grove, the newest member of the MFC team. Alisson recently graduated from East Carolina University with a B.S. in Geology. She joined our team in February as our Financial Business Assistant. Welcome, Alisson!

Name: Alisson Grove

Job Title: Financial Business Assistant

When did you start working for MFC? February 2018

Tell us a little about yourself: I grew up in Northern Virginia and lived there until I went to college in North Carolina. I graduated from East Carolina University in Dec of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Geology with a concentration in environmental geology. I played two years of club lacrosse there and was involved in several other fun clubs. I am obsessed with dogs and have a three-year-old boxer-pit mix named Tucker. I love the environment and promoting awareness about it.

What do you like best about working for MFC? There is such a strong sense of community within this firm and, being a new employee, I really appreciate how supportive and patient everyone is. The staff here is so knowledgeable and it’s easy to see that they love what they do. It just makes this a very fun place to work.

What is one thing at work you can’t do without? COFFEE

Last place you traveled and what did you do there? San Francisco! My family lives there so I visit often. We usually spend our time eating and drinking our way around the city and just enjoying each other’s company. It’s the best of both a vacation and a trip home.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your free time? I follow a lot of geology and environment-related social media accounts. So in my free time, I love to scroll through those and read any new articles they may have out or just see what everyone is talking about in the world of geology. People are constantly making new discoveries and talking about how these change what we know about the Earth. I find it really fascinating and interesting just to see what everyone has to say.

If you were an animal, what would you be? Either a dog or a bird. Dogs just have such big hearts and are always so happy and full of life, but birds can fly and I can’t think of any reason why that wouldn’t be amazing.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation

What is your go-to karaoke song? Anything Britney Spears